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Zari Finally Reveals Why She Doesn’t Associate With Hamisa Mobetto

Zari enjoys a good relationship with women who have been involved with Diamond, including Tanasha and Zuchu, except Hamisa Mobetto.

In a recent case, Zari and Tanasha, who is the mother of Diamond’s youngest son linked up in Kampala for her white party event.

She also hosts Zuchu whenever she is in South Africa with Diamond. The same cordial relationship has never been witnessed with Hamisa Mobetto, who is also believed to be Diamond’s baby mama.

Zari, who is currently in Tanzania on brand ambassadorial duties, was faced with the question of why she is not close with Hamisa and here is what she had to say;

“Yaani hapo kabisa ndio sijui, Diamond mwenyewe ndio atajielezea kama huyo mtoto ni wake ama sio wake. For me I don’t know. Akiniambia huyu ni mtoto wangu nataka ajuane na hawa  nitamkaribisha lakini until then there is no formal communication so I don’t know about it.”


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At the same time, she hailed Zuchu, saying that she is a good girl, noting that children, Tifa and Nilan, are comfortable with her whenever they are in Tanzania.

“Watu wanachukulia ati mimi siongei na wanawake wa Diamond. Naongea na Mama NJ naongea na Zuchu hata kama watoto wanakuja Tanzania simtafuti Baba T, nampigia Zuchu. I don’t see a problem. She is a very nice girl. Na watoto wangu wakikuwa huku they are very comfortable kuwa na yeye. It is the right thing to do. Nisipoongea na Zuchu kama ye ndio ana watoto wangu Tanzania does it make sense?” she said.

In 2022, Hamisa however revealed that she had tried to reach out to Zari so that they could be friends for the sake of their children. According to her, she wanted the children to grow up as sibling.

She added that Zari hates her and her son and did not want anything to do with them.

Hamisa and Tanasha are however friends and their children have met before.

Diamond sired a child with Hamisa when he was still married to Zari.




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