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“It’s Risky For me, There Are Activities I Avoid” DJ Krowbar’s Wife Narrates Battle With Kidney Failure 

DJ Krowbar’s wife Wanjiru Karumba currently depends on dialysis to survive as she waits for a kidney transplant.

Wanjiru opened up about her battle with kidney illness during a candid conversation with Size 8 on her reality show, ‘Love in Wild,’ which premiered on TV 47.

Krowbar’s wife disclosed that she is currently reliant on a catheter to assist with dialysis, a procedure vital to her ongoing treatment.

“I have a catheter that I use for dialysis until I undergo surgery. It’s a bit risky for me, and there are activities I avoid,” she said.

Wanjiru shared insights into her medical journey, revealing that the condition has since progressed to chronic kidney failure after she was initially diagnosed with acute kidney failure.

“I am good. This journey is all about accepting it. God will cause it to work for our good. In the process of doing the tests for transplant, the doctor said there was no root cause… It was an acute but now it’s chronic kidney failure,” she shared.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Shajara na Lulu show in August 2023, Dj Krowbar’s wife disclosed that things started getting worse for her in April 2022.

“I experienced dizziness, lack of appetite, swollen legs, could not see well and I had challenges walking. They checked me and after several tests, they informed me that I was in a bad state. They checked my vital organs and found out that I had acute kidney injury,” she said.

Unfortunately, the doctors told her the only solution was dialysis.

“We were shocked, we had a second opinion from another doctor and confirmed the results were factual. We went to another hospital again and we got the same diagnosis, it was difficult for us to accept the result,” DJ Krowbar said.

DJ Krowbar and his wife appealed for financial assistance for her to undergo kidney transplant.

“The sister has agreed to donate but we do not have the finances for the procedure and the tests. In total we need Ksh6 million for the treatment,” said DJ Krowbar.



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