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Hot Photos Of Shakib’s Baby Mama Cremy Causing Problems In Zari’s Marriage

“Huyu ata move on kweli?” Cremy says she’s not jealous of Zari but claims Shakib is a deadbeat and also borrows money from her husband.

Shakib Cham, the husband of the popular socialite Zari Hassan, is embroiled in a scandal as his baby mama, Tusiime Jalia Cremy, publicly accused him of neglecting their baby. Cremy via Facebook has vowed to present evidence, including phone recordings, to support her allegations.

Despite numerous attempts to address the issue with Zari Hassan, Shakib’s new wife, Jalia claims that her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Her posts paint Shakib as a heartless individual, with Cremy determined to expose the truth in 2024.

“See this man? He is the most heartless man I have ever met in the world. I have all the recordings, and I will pull out receipts because in 2024, no one will silence me.” Cremy says.

Despite the serious accusations, she confirms she’s independence and happy in her current relationship, dispelling any claims of jealousy.

She goes on to detail the challenges of being a young mother in a foreign land, emphasizing her determination to speak out against the alleged neglect.

This drama comes only three months after Shakib and Zari’s lavish wedding in South Africa.








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