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“Compe Gani Sasa?” Karen Nyamu Replies To Netizens Saying She’s Competing With Edday For Samidoh’s Attention

“I’m dating Samidoh and not her. Mtawacha kuforce third party kwa mambo ya watu wawili all the time!” Karen Nyamu says.

Karen Nyamu has addressed rumors and speculations circulating on social media about her alleged competition with Edday Nderitu for the affection of the popular Mugithi crooner, Samidoh.

The drama started after Nyamu shared a video on her Facebook account, playfully imitating Samidoh, complete with a beanie and a guitar strapped to her back.

However, the post meant for fun took an unexpected turn as netizens began saying that Karen Nyamu was still in competition with Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s estranged wife.

The insinuation arose as Samidoh is currently in the USA, presumably spending time with Edday and their three children, while Nyamu remains alone and lonely in Kenya.

Reacting to the comments, Nyamu questioned why everything had to be perceived as a competition, expressing her frustration with the netizens thinking it’s so.

In response to a Facebook user’s comment suggesting she should focus on living her life, Nyamu clarified that she is dating Samidoh, not Edday, and urged people to avoid unnecessary involvement in others’ relationships.

“Not everyone is that petty. I’m dating Sam and not her. He’s the one man guitar not her. Mtawacha kuforce 3rd party kwa mambo ya watu wawili all the time. We have separate relationships with the man,” Karen replied.

Nyamu emphasized that she and Edday have separate relationships with Samidoh, and there is no need for third-party interference. She dismissed the notion of competition, asserting that such pettiness has no place in her relationship.

When another user expressed disappointment about Samidoh spending time abroad with his family, Nyamu defended him, portraying him as a loving and responsible father who takes his parental role seriously.karen nyamu edday


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