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Zari Hassan Refuses To Defend Her Husband Shakib As His Baby Mama Exposes Him

Shakib’s baby mama says he is too broke to support their son because he depends on Zari for upkeep.

The baby mama Tusiime Jalia Cremy alias Lia Cremy exposed Shakib in a series of posts on social media.

Tusiime took to social media to lament that Shakib is a deadbeat dad to their son, lamenting that he doesn’t support their child financially ever since they parted ways.

She stressed that she is currently raising their son on her own and doesn’t want anything concerning with Shakib.

Tusiime further told Shakib that if he want to taste her bitterness let him try attacking her son citing their son is innocent to be involved in their feud.

“You see this Man? He is the most heartless Man I have ever met in the world 🙆🏽‍♀️ I have been silent all this while cause I never wanted to speak up for people to say I’m chasing clout and riding on there fame..But one thing I won’t tolerate is some one coming for my son with insults because of his useless father who chose to be a dead beat, I spoke to Zari countless times about this very matter and I have all the recordings and I will pull out receipts cause In this 2024 no one will silence me cause I bet you would if it was you !! Plus stop saying it’s jelousy cause I’m in a whole new beautiful relationship 😂 I was tired of taking care of that ki bogus boy coz nze nkyeyiya ate ndi kito 😂 Getting pregnant At 22 years in a foreign land ate ngateko olabilila omusaja hell noooo 😂 all,” Tusiime wrote.

Tusiime further said that Shakib does not support their son because he does not work, only depending on Zari to feed him.

“I can say is that Shakib Cham go and work !! Cause even Zari yakoowa okumusaba Buli kimu okuva ku Yaka wa 10k 😂😂 she told me her self in the recordings I have. Let them deny it I pull out reciepts sagala kunkooya 🤦🏻‍♀️”

Zari has chosen to remain silent on the matter. This is unlike her because last year she came out to defend Shakib when his ex-wife claimed she stole him from her.

In January 2023, Shamirah Nalule Sembatya, also known as Mimi, a Ugandan lady based in the US, accused Zari of eloping with her husband Shakib.

Mimi claimed to have been legally married to Shakib since June 2016, providing documents to support her assertion.

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