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“My Mum Has A Crush On My Dad” Pierra Makena’s Daughter Spills The Beans

Ricca Pokot confronted her mother with tough question, in a video that was shared on her new YouTube channel.

First of all, Ricca wanted to know if her mother was dating any man. The female DJ told her daughter that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

“Do you have a crush?” Ricca probed further.

“No,” Pierra responded.

Unsatisfied with her answer, the 7-year old asked her mother to tell the truth but Pierra asked her who she thinks she has a crush on, while taking precautions to ensure that the minor doesn’t expose her.

“Don’t say,” the DJ said when she realized that her daughter wouldn’t actually spare her.

“She has a crush on my dad and Oga Obinna. Not My dad actually, Oga Obinna,” Ricca revealed.

A shocked Pierra questioned her daughter how she came to the conclusion and she said, “I definitely know that. The way you guys nini…I knew it.”

“Do you ever have feelings for my dad?” Ricca went on with her questions.

“No,” Pierra responded.

Ricca’s next question was on whether her father has ever given her mother money without her knowledge.

“No,” Pierra responded.

Pierra also got curious and wanted to know if the man in question gave their daughter money without her knowing.

“Yes, he gave me 50k and he will still give me another. He gave it to me when I was going to buy the bike,” Ricca revealed.

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