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“He Must Be Stopped” Pastor T Calls Out Kanyari For Mocking God With Condoms 

Pastor T Mwangi has publicly denounced the recent TikTok videos posted by Pastor Kanyari, stirring discontent among many Kenyans.

Pastor Kanyari, who joined the popular social media platform a few months ago, has been sharing videos that have raised eyebrows and drawn criticism.

His most recent video, depicting a TikToker presenting him with condoms in church, has particularly incited widespread condemnation, with numerous individuals urging him to uphold the sanctity of the altar.

Expressing his dismay and disapproval, Pastor T Mwangi, a revered figure within the Christian community, utilized his official Facebook page to denounce Pastor Kanyari’s conduct.

In a vehemently worded post, he demanded an immediate cessation of what he characterized as “sheer wickedness.”

Pastor T asserted that Pastor Kanyari’s actions are entirely detached from the principles of Christianity and instead represent a mockery of the faith.

“The so called man of God on tik tok has to be stopped. What he does has nothing to do with Christianity, its pure evil,” Pastor T exclaimed.

The ongoing controversy surrounding Pastor Kanyari’s TikTok content has been steadily escalating.

Numerous individuals have accused him of engaging in flirtatious behavior with women and exhibiting conduct unbecoming of a clergyman.

His recent video, featuring the acceptance of condoms within a church setting, has pushed the boundaries further, triggering widespread indignation and calls for accountability.

Given Pastor T Mwangi’s significant influence and revered status within the Christian community, his unequivocal condemnation of Pastor Kanyari’s actions carries weight.

His impassioned plea for an immediate cessation of Pastor Kanyari’s behavior is anticipated to resonate strongly with those who are concerned about the erosion of religious values. Kenyans have rallied behind Pastor T Mwangi, emphasizing the urgency of putting an end to such behavior.

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