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“God Why??” Prophet Kanyari In Tears As He Regrets Joining TikTok

Pastor Victor Kanyari is regretting the day he joined TikTok as it has landed him in trouble with Kenyans, because of the controversies he has found himself in.

The controversial preacher couldn’t hide his emotions while talking about the church incident where a female TikToker handed him weird gifts, something that was considered a mockery to the creator of heaven and earth.

“Mungu ninalia kwa ajili yako, nataka nivae gunia, Cindy avae gunia yake na Peter Kioi avae gunia, tutoke mguu kanisani paka town tukiomba msamaha Mungu utusamehe. Hio condom si mimi….,” the preacher said, insisting that he doesn’t know the woman, and was not aware of her shocking plan.

Cindy, another TikToker, questioned the preacher why he was crying.

“I am crying because Kenyans on social media and everywhere are fighting me,” he said adding that people we were claiming that he had planned with the female TikToker to bring condoms in church,” Kanyari responded.

“I don’t know her, Cindy why are you not defending me? You have remained silent so that people can finish me.”

“God why??? Nilikuja TikTok kufanya nini. Mimi si lazima nikae TikTok, ningeenda kuhubiri kwa barabara,” the preacher further regretted.

He vowed to leave the platform, admitting that he was not aware of the indecency that goes on there.

Prior to this, Kanyari shared a video  asking for forgiveness over the church incident.

“The girl from Ukambani brought me condom at the altar. I didn’t know. I have served God for 30 years and I have never seen someone who can bring such things in the altar. Many people are asking why that happened, no one is righteous. The girl made a mistake and I also didn’t want to reprimand her.

If I had insulted her there or talked badly, my church members would have beaten her. I saw she was a new member, she has never set foot in the church before and is not saved. She just saw me on TikTok ans came to church,” Kanyari explained.

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