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“At The Moment We Are So Broke” Singer Bahati Claims

Singer Bahati has claimed that their multimillion mansion has become too small for his family.

According to him, the home’s parking only fits three cars, forcing him to park the rest of his cars at his office.

Because of the situation, he and Diana are putting in more efforts so that they acquire their dream home.

“At the moment we are so broke that the mansion we have afforded can only fit 3 cars having to park the rest at the office. We are working hard to afford our dream home soon. Happy new week to all of you pushing hard to achieve your dreams. May God open doors for you in Jesus Name,” he shared on Instagram.


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“Amen and Amen. I am hustling hard for us baby. Thank you for helping me fly even when my wings feel weak sometimes. I love you,” Diana commented on the post.

Fans were left with mixed reactions with some saying that they would want such kind of brokenness as others asked Bahati to be grateful for what he has as it was other people’s prayer request.

Recently, the couple also stirred netizens over allowance that Diana receives from her husband.

Bahati took online to complain that Diana was not satisfied with the amount of money he gives her.

“I give Diana Marua 1 Million Ksh as a monthly wife allowance bu,t anasema bado sio enough. Kwani mnapewanga ngapi?” he posed.


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