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“He Doesn’t Like The Limelight” Avril Reveals Why She Will Never Show Her Son’s Face

Singer Judith Nyambura aka Avril has opened up about motherhood saying it is not easy but it is also an interesting experience.

Avril welcomed her son in 2018 but she had let that put that part of her life under wraps, never to unveil his face to her fans.

According to her the little boy  turned 6 years old recently

“It is not easy. As a mother you are tasked with taking care of life and are responsible for how the child is going to turn out and how they are going to relate with other people. And there is no manual, so you have to learn on the job,” the Chikoza hitmaker told the Nation in a recent interview.

At the same time, she explained why she doesn’t post her son on social media, revealing that it is also his request that she doesn’t.

“My son doesn’t like the limelight and even when you take a photo he will tell you don’t post it on social media. I also don’t want a conversation after 18 years  where my child is asking me why I put his pictures online,” the mother of one noted, adding  that she would want it to be his decision to share his own photos.

The singer however said that her son is up to tabs with what goes on in social media.

“He watches things on YouTube shorts and TikTok and is living a full life the way he wants . I would love for him to enjoy his childhood like a normal child. If he wants to be in the limelight, I will support him in every way,” she said.

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