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 Stoopid Boy Reveals Real Amount He Charges For Interviews After Drama With Ofweneke

G baga jat hitmaker Stoopid Boy has finally unveiled his rate card for any one who wants to interview him.

Speaking to Vloggers, he first joked claiming that only 10 bob is enough for him to attend an interview.

“Ni 10 bob ya Kenya. Unaezaniita interview na 10 bob. Mandazi mbili. Mnadhani nitasema milioni. Interview yangu mi hulipisha 10 bob. Ukinibuyia mandazio mbili na chai ya mbao hio inakuja 30, unaezaniinterview,” he joked.

Stoopid Boy further said that he is now earning after his drama with Ofweneke, urging other artists to speak for themselves.

According to him, his rate card stands at Kshs100,000.

“Wasanii wengi hawajiongeangi. Hata nikisema 10 bob nakupima. Mi sahi ukiniita interview  nataka 100,000. Hata nyinyi ni favour tu ju ni macousin wangu,” he told the interviewers.

Ofweneke called out Stoopid Boy for cancelling an interview with him at the last minute, demanding that he gets paid first.

“Stoopid Boy canceled at the last minute because he wanted to be paid. So, Stoopid Boy, just wait, we will pay you. When you seek to promote your third or fourth single and look for Ofweneke to promote, we shall remember. We shall revisit,” said Ofweneke.

Stoopid Boy defended his decision to ignore Ofweneke’s interview saying that there is no way he would be broke and famous, adding that those wanting to interview him must first be aware of his living conditions.

“There’s no way we’ll be famous and broke. We’ve surpassed that… Many artists trend, but on the streets, they’re insulted. That’s why I told you that you must understand how I live first before you call me for an interview,” he said.

The issue elicited heated debate among Kenyans as well as his fans, with some claiming that he was right to demand for pay as others suggested that Ofweneke should apologize for calling him out.

Ofweneke adamantly said he wouldn’t apologize. He further said that he would like to meet with him for mentorship.

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