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Hamisa Mobetto Confirms She Is No Longer Dating Rick Ross

Hamisa Mobetto and American rapper Rick Ross parted ways and the Bongo fashionista is currently dating another man.

In May 2022, both Hamisa and Ross jointly announced they were dating in a video call which was shared on social media.

The Bongo singer asked her sweetheart to clarify the nature of their relationship saying Tanzanians wanted to know and he ultimately stated that they are lovers.

“Yes she is mine,” Rick Ross reiterated.

Hamisa then asked Rick Ross to pay her dowry, saying her mother was demanding the bride price to be paid in cattle.

“My mother wants cows, remember the last time you talked,” Hamisa told Rick Riss.

Fast forward to August, Hamisa was gifted an expensive Range Rover Evoque by a mystery man.

The mother of two ultimately confirmed she is dating the mystery man – a confirmation that her relationship with Rick Ross is over.

Speaking to Tanzanian media, Hamisa dismissed claims she is hiding her new man because she is insecure.

“I don’t hide him for fear he will be snatched from me. I believe if something is yours, it will be yours. Also, I don’t think a man can be taken away from anyone. I am not hiding him for that,” she said.

The mother of two further explained that it is irresponsible to keep exposing different men to her kids.

“I am a mum to two children. I don’t think every time I get a new man, I should post them to the world. If all goes well I will reveal him. For now, I am afraid. What if the relationship doesn’t work? My kids will wonder what type of a mum I was when they are grown,” she said.

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