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“My Dzaddy!” Mary Biketi Claims She Didn’t Leak Photos With Wycliffe Oparanya

“I call him Daddy, I respect his other wives!” Mary Biketi says in an interview with bloggers after photos of her and Ex-governor Oparanya went viral on social media.

Mary Biketi has come forward to deny any involvement in the leak of photos featuring herself and former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya.

Speaking out about the incident, Mary expressed her distress over the viral spread of the images and stated her intention to pursue legal action against whoever is responsible for their release.

In a statement addressing the situation, Mary emphasized her respect for Oparanya’s other wives, acknowledging his polygamous status.

She clarified that her relationship with the politician was private, and the leaked photos were not meant for public consumption.

The controversy surrounding the photos prompted Oparanya to address the matter publicly after it gained significant attention online. In a video shared by Mary, Oparanya confirmed the authenticity of the images and expressed his bewilderment at their unauthorized dissemination.

Expressing his disappointment, Oparanya questioned the motives behind the leak and lamented the invasion of his privacy. He described the photos as “very decent” and expressed confusion over the public interest in his personal affairs.

Oparanya took the opportunity to refute rumors circulating about his health, revealing that he is not hospitalized and condemning the spread of false information.

He emphasized the need to protect his family from unwarranted speculation and called for an end to the propagation of fake news.


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