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Akuku Danger Hospitalized Again As His Chronic Condition Spikes 

“Sickle Cell is a monster, one minute I was going about my business and the next I am fighting for my life in hospital,” Akuku Danger cried out.

The comedian shared a video of himself receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with an oxygen mask on his face and several tubes strapped onto his body.

Akuku disclosed that he had been hospitalized for weeks only that he shared his condition with the public after gathering some strength.

“These Past Few Weeks God Has really Come Through For Me.Sickle Cell Is A Monster Man😓. One Minute You going about Your Business And Working Hard To Chase This Bag And The Next Minute You fighting For Your Life In The Hospital.

“Am Posting This Not for sympathy or anything but for all the sickle cell warriors out there who are looking for inspiration and Yes! YOU ARE ALL STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!!❤️❤️,” Akuku wrote.

The comedian further disclosed that he had since been discharged from hospital.

“We are Back Now!! All Good and out of the hospital. Tuendelee na Kazi,” he added.

Akuku Danger was very sick in early 2022. He was admitted to Nairobi West Hospital in late December 2021 after his condition deteriorated.

The comedian was in and out of hospital for the better part of 2022.

Akuku was discharged from Nairobi West Hospital on June 20, 2022, but could not be released to go home because of the huge bill.

His girlfriend Sandra Dacha revealed that Akuku’s bill had accrued to a whopping Ksh823,000 after deductions from his insurance.

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