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Georgina Njenga Admits That Having More Children Wouldn’t Make Her Settle

An Instagram user has claimed that Georgina Njenga is a type of woman who will never settle down no matter what the circumstance is.

This is after she shared a series of photos, while on a vacation in Watamu. In the photos, Georgina was dressed in revealing bikinis and she was in the company of a female friend.

“Huyu ata akipewa ingine hawezi tulia,” the netizen commented on the photos.

Responding to him, Georgina said that she will always be who she is even if she gets to be a mother of twins.

“Ata nikipew twins, I will forever be me,” the mother of one admitted.

Another fan criticized her for ending her marriage to be going out.

“So you ended your marriage to be doing this,” he said

“What have I done? Kuenda vacation ni vibaya? Georgina posed.


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This also comes after Georgina and Prince Newton stirred netizens with their cosy photos. While many believed that there was something going on between them, others encouraged them to have a romantic relationship, admitting that they were a perfect match.

Georgina has however come out to dispel claims of her romantic involvement with, saying that it was just business.

“Sitakua model in  peace,” she responded to the allegations of dating the media personality.


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