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Bernice Saroni Reply To Her Baby Daddy Leaves Netizens In Stitches

“Baba boys ananishow turudiane, nimemshow I don’t date men with kids!” Bernice Saroni says as she exposes chats with her baby daddy.

Bernice Saroni has taken a humorous jab at her ex-husband, leaving netizens in stitches and agreement.

The mother of four didn’t hold back as she shared her thoughts on her ex’s romantic endeavors, particularly with his second wife.

Bernice advised her ex’s second wife to step up her game, teasing that her ex-husband’s persistent calls to Bernice might indicate a need for more effort on the second wife’s part.

In a series of candid posts, Bernice didn’t shy away from airing her grievances, alleging that her ex-husband was attempting to rekindle their relationship.

She asked aloud why men often seek to reconnect with their former flames once they see them thriving in life.

Bernice reminded her followers of the importance of maintaining peace of mind and not letting past relationships disrupt personal success.

Bernice revealed her ex’s plea to reconcile, only to humorously reject the idea, saying she’s not into dating men with children.


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