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Foreigner Who Beheaded Young Woman At Roysambu Airbnb Finally Arrested 

The foreigner who butchered 20-year-old at Airbnb in Roysambu was arrested in Syokimau after being identified by a neighbour.

The neighbour saw the CCTV footage released by the police and discovered the suspect could be someone he knows in one of the estates in Syokimau.

“I used to give him cars for hire, so when I saw the photo on TV I realized it’s him,” the neighbour said.

The foreigner was arrested by DCI sleuths and taken in for interrogation.

Interestingly, police also revealed that slain girl stayed in Syokimau with her parents.

Police said the suspect only conversed with the girl through Instagram.

Detectives say the suspect knew what he was doing, he entirely tried keeping the conversation on Instagram and kept her away from making phone calls or even exchanging phone numbers.

According to their conversations on Instagram, the girl was given directions on when and where to meet the suspect.

The girl was found dismembered a day after she checked into an Airbnb in Roysambu with the man who is suspected to have butchered her.

The Airbnb manager Risper Muthoni told the media that the unknown suspect had secured the room on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 3 pm.

The suspect returned the key to the rented Airbnb early on Sunday morning before he disappeared.

The lifeless body of the woman was found dismembered with the hands and legs chopped off. She was also decapitated, the killer appeared to have gone missing with the severed head.

Detectives from Kasarani, Nairobi County, also arrested another foreign national at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on suspicion of being involved in the murder of the 20-year-old woman.

The suspect who was travelling using a Mozambican passport was intercepted before boarding a plane and interrogated at the airport before being transferred to the Kasarani Police Station pending identification.

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