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“Fear Men!” Man Accuses Ferdinand Omanyala Of Chewing His Girlfriend Like A Cheetah

“Aki bibi yake Laventa atafeel aje sasa?” “Men will always embarrass you, take an hour daily to fear them!” Netizens have expressed sympathy for Laventa Amutavi, Omanyala’s wife of over 5 years

A man has stirred up controversy by accusing sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala of having an affair with his girlfriend. In a video clip shared online by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, the man claimed that Omanyala was involved with his girlfriend, Kim Senel.

According to the estranged boyfriend of Kim Senel, Omanyala stays with her when he is abroad for sports events.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, leaked chat conversations to Nyakundi, revealing how Omanyala communicates with Senel, a Kenyan fitness trainer based in Paris, France.

One screenshot from Instagram showed Omanyala making romantic advances and promises to Senel after a supposed “bedminton” session they had in Paris.

Senel, in her messages, expressed her affection for Omanyala, describing how much she misses him and admires him as an award-winning sprinter.

“Truly, I should just toughen up…like just stay knowing it will be too long before I see you, talk to you…like sometimes you mess with my head…how will I leave you with the way you play bedminton…” she praised Omanyala.Omanyala

Despite the leaked chats, Omanyala has not responded to the allegations, leaving the estranged man feeling uneasy about the situation.

Netizens have expressed sympathy for Laventa Amutavi, Omanyala’s wife of over 5 years.

They suggested that Laventa should learn to tolerate such bizarre information about her marriage instead of immediately seeking a breakup.


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