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Pastor Man Kush Claims He Sometimes Feel Like God Doesn’t Exist

Pastor Man Kush, owner of Joy Centre Church says “Sometimes even as a bishop, feel like there is no God because of the situations I’m going through. But I don’t tell anyone, I just keep quiet!”

Man Kush, who is also a comedian, revealed this during a conversation with YouTuber Oga Obinna, stating that even he, as a bishop, sometimes struggles with thoughts that question the existence of God.

He explained that tough times and life trials affect everyone, including preachers who, like any other average person, are troubled by life to the extent of questioning whether there is a God.

The pastor, who is also known for his humor, disclosed that he is a grandfather to six grandchildren but often people see him as young due to his jokes.

“You know, I am a grandfather to six grandchildren now. My son Waweru is very grown-up, but many people don’t see that, they only see me when I’m joking on TikTok, saying that this guy is drunk and smoking weed. I have never tasted those things; I was born at the end of 1963,” Pastor Man Kush said.

The preacher also expressed his strong dislike for Christians who expect God to bless them with magical money after praying.

“I hate Christians who think that if you pray, God will rain money on you… if you want money, you have to work because money is a reward after solving someone’s problems. But some Christians are lazy, especially churchgoers,” he explained.


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