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Fans Sympathize With Obinna As Creative Phil Declares Love For Pierra Makena

Popular Female DJ Pierra Makena is a true definition of aging like fine wine.

The mother of one is celebrating her 43rd birthday and her physical appearance would make one mistake her for someone who is in her late 20s or early thirties.

Excited about her birthday, Pierra expressed much anticipation for her 45th birthday, that would be coming in two years.

“Yaas, into years I would be forty fine. God is God,” she stated on Instagram.

She has also announced that her birthday party would be going down Saturday.

“I am buying drinks for you or you are buying drinks for me?” she posed.

24-year old make-up artist Phil Creative, who is also her close friend also shared a special message for her, calling her his love.

“Happy birthday my love @pierramakenaofficial. Wishing you nothing but happiness and blessings this new year,” he captioned his cosy photo with Makena.

“Thank you my love,” the birthday girl responded.



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A while back, the duo were rumored to be love birds and even sparked speculations of tying the knot, when they posed for photos in bridal wear.

Pierra however clarified that it was a photoshoot meant to promote Phil’s new bridal shop.

‚ÄúHe is my boy, he is one of those people who , if right now Phil calls me I would show up, if I call him, he will show up we are those kind of friends. I support his¬† his businesses, he supports my work and when he was opening that bridal shop I was like what do we need to do to bring traffic to your shop?I was like let‚Äôs do a content that will trend and then bring attention to¬† that and it did and he‚Äôs selling very well,‚ÄĚ she said in an interview.

Makena also said that she wouldn’t go for a man who is much younger than her.

A section of Comedian Oga Obinna’s fans have however sympathized with him after Phil’s loved-up message to Makena.

“Woooi Obinna,” one said accompanied with teary emoticons.

A few weeks ago, after his interview with Pierra, many suggested that they were a perfect match as they were both single parents. Also in the interview, Obinna hinted that he wouldn’t mind dating Pierra.



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