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“Not Every Accident Is Caused By Careless Drivers” Akothee Defends Herself After Falling Asleep While Driving

Akothee slept on the wheels and nearly caused an accident on the Mombasa-Mtwapa-Kilifi highway yet she still claims she was not at fault.

The mother of five took to social media to defend herself, claiming that not every accident is caused by reckless drivers.

Akothee said she slept at her sister-in-law’s place after dropping off her nephew and subsequently hit the road at 4:00 am to return home in Mtwapa.

However, Akothee dosed off while driving and veered off the busy highway nearly causing accident.

The controversial musician nonetheless managed to get home but then again chewed blackout at her gate while waiting for the security to open for her.

Even though it is clear she violated traffic regulations, Akothee maintains her innocence.

Below is what she wrote on Facebook after the incident:


“System shut down or what? Found myself sleeping on the steering wheel, could hardly drive myself home after dropping off my nephews.

So, I slept at my sister-in-law’s house. I went straight to bed, woke up at 4:00 am, tried to drive back to my house because of my morning routine.

I fell asleep at the wheel and found myself driving off the road. The distance to my home from Mtwapa was hardly 10 minutes but felt like an hour.

I arrived at the gate, and before it was opened, I was asleep. The security was just waiting with the gate open, wondering why I was not driving in. So, he came to knock on the window. I felt so offended and mad at him.

I was wondering who was knocking on my bedroom door when no one is allowed upstairs. Turns out, I was outside.

I have a fever, headache, wasted body, and a swollen face. Sometimes, I just want to be alone with no driver and no security; it’s refreshing.”

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