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“You Don’t Have To Be Rich” Pierra Makena Lowers Standards As Old Age Catches Up With Her

42-year-old DJ Pierra Makena, who is looking for love, says she is ready to date any man who is just a good kisser and smells good.

Speaking to YouTuber Oga Obinna, the mother of one revealed that she is yet to find a man to tie her down.

However, Pierra Makena insisted that she is not in a hurry to settle even if her biological clock is fast ticking.

She explained that even though time is not on her side she will not rush to marry a wrong person who will mistreat her.

“Who says there is an age one should be married? I have had people saying certain things because I am not married. I do not want to get married to the wrong person to please society. I have not met that one person who I can say ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with them,” she said.

Asked about her ideal man, Pierra Makena’s description was short and precise – God-fearing, hardworking, good kisser and smells good.

“Jitume, you do not have to be rich, a man who is clean and smells good. A good kisser,” the 42-year-old said.

However, when questioned if she would make the first move on a man, Makena admitted that she wouldn’t, citing past experiences of rejection.

“I would never hit on a man, what if he says no? I can use someone but I can’t do so directly. I have been rejected a couple of times before,” Makena shared.

During the same interview, Pierra Makena said she had a crush on Mumias East MP Peter Salasya and Cassypool.

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