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Esther Musila Reacts After Lady Claims Guardian Angel Is Cheating On Her

Esther Musila the wife of gospel singer Guardian Angel, is standing firm in the face of external pressures threatening her two-year marriage.

Esther revealed that she recently faced a blackmail attempt from a stranger who claimed to possess evidence of Guardian Angel’s infidelity.

The 53-year-old mother of three shared that a lady contacted her, claiming that she had proof of Guardian’s involvement with another woman. The stranger claimed to own a secretive house where celebrities engaged in clandestine affairs, backed up by alleged CCTV footage and mobile money payment transactions.

However, when Esther requested the evidence, the stranger demanded money before sharing the details.

Suspecting foul play, Esther decided to scrutinize her husband’s phone and financial transactions. Using Mpesa, she discovered that the alleged transaction date had no record, and the only transaction of that amount was made to Nairobi Water, not a secret rendezvous joint.

Upon confronting Guardian Angel with the attempted scam, he recalled an individual who had requested Esther’s contact just a day before the incident, leading him to suspect that person’s involvement in the elaborate scheme.

Esther emphasized her trust in Guardian Angel, pointing at the transparency in their relationship.

She explained that they share phones, and there are no secrets between them.


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