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“Madem Wamekulwa Kwa Hii Industry Si Mchezo” Mother-In-Law Actor Ras Opens Up 

Actor John Githui aka Ras from Mother-In-Law narrated how s3x is rife in Kenya’s film industry.

The veteran actor opened up about exploitation, particularly in terms of sex and money, within the industry while speaking during an interview with Plug TV.

Ras admitted that he has not personally encountered such situations but he acknowledged that others, especially women, have experienced exploitation.

“Mi sijaencounter but kuna watu najua wame experience especially madem kuni wengi sana walikuwa na passion ya theater na wamedrop juu ya hiyo sexual exploitation. Director anataka umgawie. Na ukikaataa hiyo chance inauma nje.

“Na kama ni kwa TV utapata its on condition like maybe wewe unalipwa 100k but 50k ni yangu. Ukikataa anatafuta mtu mwingine atakubali the conditions. Wengine unapata umeandka a very nice show umepaproach a TV station unaambiwa this is a good one we will think about it. The next month unaona the same idea kwa TV. Title tu ndio inabadilishwa. Huezi claim. You’ll just feel bad, go back to the drawing board and write again,” Ras narrated.

The actor also regretted that many thespians are broke because the pay they earn from the film industry is negligible.

“It’s a hard time for wasanii… A lot of people know and notice actors, but they are broke. The value ya industry is going down with time. Whatever I used to get back then is different from what I get right now,” Ras said.

Ras pointed out that some artists resort to online platforms to request financial assistance, not out of necessity but as a strategic move to tap into the support they believe their fans can provide.

“Theater ni kitu nilikuwa nacherish sana from utotoni. Siku moja in 1998 nikitoka theather nikaona audition na nikaenda the following day na nikajipata nimeingia kwa show. That was the first time on stage. We shot some BBC film then in 2008 nikaenda Mother-in-law. It’s been almost 25 years in the game,” he said.

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