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NTV’s Duncan Khaemba Suffers Sleepless Nights After Doing Freemason Interview

Duncan Khaemba didn’t sleep after he interviewed Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier about Freemasonry.

Khaemba recently shared the behind the scenes challenges and the aftermath of the interview, revealing that it was a two month long unbelievable journey.

Describing the hurdles he faced in securing Rachier’s time to interview, Khaemba explained the relentless pursuit, with calls and texts going unanswered until the busy lawyer finally picked up the phone.

The interview was scheduled for a Friday mid morning after a series of negotiations, and Khaemba received the green light from his boss Joe Ageyo.

On the day of the interview, Khaemba and a videographer engaged in a tense Q&A session with Rachier at his office.

The lawyer, cautious about the sensitive nature of the topic, laid down rules of engagement and showcased literature exclusive to Freemasons, adding an air of mystery to the proceedings.

The consequences of the interview were immediate.

Rachier’s business partner and Gor Mahia Football Club distanced themselves from him.

The controversial Freemasonry conversation, sparked by the interview, ignited a firestorm of heat and controversy that went on for days.

The aftermath was not without personal effect for Khaemba.

Sleepless nights and colleagues cracking jokes, became part of his reality for days.

“For about three days, I had sleepless nights….some colleagues would avoid giving me a handshake as they cracker jokes especially from the memes. It was baptism by fire as I settled in…. The interview I had chased for 4 years had finally been delivered!” He tweeted.


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