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Emanuel Talam And Kitutu Chache MP Narrate How Rita Tinina Rejected Their Romantic Advances

President William Ruto’s press secretary Emanuel Talam has revealed that he envisioned Rita Tinina as his future wife.

This was at the time they were still in college.

According to him, Rita rejected his advances, urging him to concentrate on studies first.

“My friend Robert take no offence. When Rita came to KIMC because we joined on the same day, in same class, I thought she was going to be my wife. She was so beautiful, brown and she was Maasai. I thought I had found a wife, but one day, aliona nimekuja sana akaniambia, ‘young man wacha haraka you will get a wife. Tusome kwanza’,”¬† Talam confessed during the NTV journalist’s funeral leaving mourners in stitches.

He added that he once dedicated Rita a song through a radio show known as Love zone.

“I have come to confess that I am the anonymous guy who sent Rita a special song. A song that I have found out is symbolic ‘From a Distance’,” Talam said.

It however turns out that Talam was not the only admirer Rita had. Kitutu Chache MP Anthony Kibagenti also confessed his previous feelings for Rita when his time to speak came.

“It is not only Talam who had a crush on her. Her voice was sweet, and despite her being older than me, I threw my shot at her, but she declined and told me she was older than me,” he said.

Rita passed away on March 17 leaving behind an 8-year old daughter and her partner Robert Nagila.

In his tribute during her requiem mass, Nagila said that he was so broken by her death.

“When our paths first crossed your beauty, laughter and warm heart touched me. But you are also the most stubborn person I ever met,‚ÄĚ he said. I shall miss you dearly, Mama Mia.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúLast Sunday, your phone stopped ringing. Your passing has left a void that cannot be filled. But I am comforted with the fact that the memories of time spent will leave on with us,” he said.




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