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TikTokers Complain About Brian Chira Wambui’s Burial After 8 Million Fundraiser

“Hakukua na food aki kwa burial ya Brian Chira!” Xtian allegedly told Cindy Baibe to go eat soda and mandazi when she asked why there was no food. Prince Mwiti claims the funeral cost would’nt be anything over 300K.

Prince Mwiti’s recent live session on TikTok has stirred up conversations about the expenses surrounding TikTok star Brian Chira Wambui’s burial. Mwiti raised concerns about the actual amount spent, estimating it to be around 300,000 Kenyan Shillings at most. This revelation has sparked questions about the transparency of the funds raised and how they were utilized.

One particular point of contention was Otile Brown’s tribute performance at the funeral, where he sang his popular song “One Call Away” while standing on a table. This choice puzzled Mwiti, who questioned the appropriateness of the setting for such a big occasion, especially considering that “One Call Away” was Chira’s favorite song, originally sang by Otile Brown and Ruby.

The fundraiser for Chira’s burial and his grandmother’s housing needs was organized by Baba Talisha, who received both praise and criticism. Some netizens, like Cindy Baibe, expressed disappointment at leaving the funeral without having a proper meal and receiving only water bottles adorned with Chira’s photo.

In response to the backlash, some online voices noted a pattern in TikTok-related events, moving from the initial event (in this case, Chira’s passing) to fundraising efforts, followed by accusations of mismanagement or embezzlement (referred to as “eating the money”), and eventually leading to apologies.

However, supporters of Baba Talisha defended his integrity, suggesting that the criticisms is from jealousy rather than genuine concerns. They highlighted his consistent support for Chira and his family, which has earned him widespread respect and admiration among Kenyans.

This was expected though and feeding everyone would have ended depleting the funds for the purpose that was publicly announced.


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