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Eddie Butita Warns Daddy Owen About Marrying Charlene Ruto 

Eddie Butita cautioned Daddy Owen that President Ruto has anger issues and he will see fire if he ever heartbreaks Charlene.

The comedian commented on Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto’s alleged relationship in a post on Instagram.

It is not yet clear if Daddy Owen and Charlene are officially dating as neither the two have confirmed or denied it.

“Ai Daddy Owen, ai rumor has it kuna vile. Maybe it rumors, it true, but if it is true, eh basi Daddy Owen ako na kazi,” Eddie Butita wrote in part.

He added that if it true he is dating Charlene then he is up for a challenge like no other.

Butita warned Daddy Owen that he will be monitered by all state security agencies.

“Daddy Owen you are my friend, let me tell you in case you are dating Charlene, his si date, that is work. Do you know she doesn’t need a password to access your phone to see your texts? Those people have DCI. All you will be getting is a phone call from Kiambu Road, hello hapa ni DCI, Caro ni nani? We jua saa hii ni pamenzi ni kazi”

“There is no getting mad at each other at home. You fura kidogo then you see a Subaru following you. There is no solving marriage issues na wazazi, they are busy. The father is the President, if you have an issue it’s DoD. Chini ya ulinzi ya mkubwa. You go there and tell the head of the military kwanini unakasirisha mtoto wa Commander.

“Buda unataka kuona moto, but all the best if indeed it is true. And if it’s clout, work hard,” Butita said.

Charlene Ruto visited Daddy Owen’s rural home for an introduction ceremony with the singer’s mother Margaret Mwatia.

The ceremony took place on December 23, 2023, but Daddy Owen only chose to share the photos on January 2, 2023, as he reflected on the major events of the past year.

It’s not clear if Daddy Owen and Charlene’s ‘introduction ceremony’ is real or if it’s just clout chasing.

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