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Daddy Owen Refuses To Discuss Charlene Ruto’s Dowry Payment 

Charlene Ruto visited Daddy Owen’s rural home for an introduction ceremony with the singer’s mother Margaret Mwatia.

The ceremony took place on December 23, 2023, but Daddy Owen only chose to share the photos on January 2, 2023, as he reflected on the major events of the past year.

It’s not clear if Daddy Owen and Charlene’s ‘introduction ceremony’ is real or if it’s just clout chasing.

Digital content creators sought to find out the truth about Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto’s relationship during a recent interview.

However, the musician insisted on keeping the media in the dark about his alleged relationship with Charlene.

Daddy Owen refused to answer any question about his relationship with Charlene.

One of the interviewers asked him how many cows President William Ruto had asked as dowry for his daughter but Owen refused to answer the question as he walked away from the camera and returned after a few minutes.

“I won’t discuss anything that involves someone else who is not here,” Daddy Owen said.

Earlier, the Abatsotso Cultural Council of Elders Secretary General Andrew Shiroko Shilenje said that Charlene was introduced to Daddy Owen’s mother as the singer’s wife.

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