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John Matara’s Childhood Friends Express Shocked At How He Turned Into A Serial Killer

“John Matara alikuwa mtu aliyependa kanisa sana,” Jack Ombegi who grew up with the killer in Kisii county said.

John Matara is the murder suspect in Wahu Starlet’s murder. He checked into an Airbnb with the socialite before he left her in a pool of blood.

Matara has been exposed for luring women into Airbnb before violently robbing them.

A handful of female victims who survived to tell the tale came out to narrate their harrowing experiences with Matara after Wahu Starlet’s murder.

Matara’s childhood friends Willis Owanda and Jack Ombegi from Daraja Mbili in Kisii County have also shed the light on the kind of person he was before transitioning into a serial killer.

Willis and Jack claimed that Matara was a God fearing boy who never missed church and was always good at helping people solve their problems.

“Matara used to come to church very early even before teachings began. He used to sing very well and was good at solving problems,” Jack said.

“John Matara alikuwa mtu aliyependa kanisa sana. Na Yale mambo ambayo amefanya sai ni ya kustaajabisha. Lakini Kwa maisha ya binadamu kuna wakati ambayo mtu huanguka,” Willis added.

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