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Diana Marua Calls Bahati Mr Complainer As He’s Never Satisfied

Diana Marua described her husband, Bahati, as a complainer.

According to Diana, Bahati frequently voices his dissatisfaction with various things, as seen in their videos together. It seems that there’s always something on Bahati’s mind that he’s not quite happy about.

Bahati revealed that he initially approached media personality Tracy Wanjiru to feature in one of his videos, but she declined.

Left without a choice, Bahati turned to Diana, who wasn’t his first pick for the role. However, circumstances led him to hire her after Tracy’s refusal.

In their videos, viewers often witness Bahati expressing his discontent or bringing up issues, while Diana seems to take a more positive approach. This normal part of their lives has garnered attention from their fans and followers, sparking discussions about their relationship dynamics.

While every couple faces challenges and differences in their communication styles, Bahati and Diana’s openness about their experiences reveals the ups and downs of their relationship. It’s common for couples to have contrasting personalities or viewpoints, and navigating these differences can be both challenging and rewarding.

Bahati’s tendency to voice his complaints might reflect his desire for improvement or his way of processing emotions. Diana’s response also indicate her patience and ability to maintain a balanced perspective.


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