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“You Will Be Banned In Kenya” Christina Shusho Stirs Kenyans With Her New Song Zakayo

Tanzanian gospel musician Christina Shusho is set to drop a new gospel song titled Zakayo.

Through her social media accounts, the singer announced that the song will be dropping soon, although she did not provide the actual date.

“Zakayo the Song coming soon,” Christina said.

The move has however left Kenyans talking as the title of the new song is widely associated with President William Ruto.

Bravin Yuri:Tuambie mapema Lyrics ziko Verse gani tuanze kuzoea.

Akbas:We also call him Mkulima. Tafadhali, wimbo ujao uwe kuhusu Mkulima. Tutashkuru

Enock Bett: Luka 19:1-9: Palikuwa na mtu mmoja huko mjini aitwaye Zakayo ambaye alikuwa mkuu wa watozaushuru, na pia mtu tajiri…

Woud Japuonji:Your concert I Kenya must have been a guise to study our own ZAKAYO and launch this bombshell. We thank you Kristina.

The head of state was nicknamed Zakayo because of increasing taxing rates after taking over in September 2022.

Multiple times, he has however said that he doesn’t mind the nickname as long as he is doing the right thing.

“I don’t mind people calling me names. I will continue to do the right thing for our country irrespective of the names people call me including Zakayo,” he said in February this year.

Christina however enjoys a wide fan base in Kenya. Shusha Nyavu, a song she released in about three years ago is enjoyed in Kenya, such that last December, fans pressured her to hold a new year’s concert in the country.




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