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Diamond Platnumz Reveals Why Tanasha’s Son Is His Favorite Child

Tanasha Donna’s child Naseeb holds a special place in his father’s heart, Diamond Platnumz.

In a recent interview conducted in Kenya before his highly-anticipated performance at the Ngong Racecourse, Diamond Platnumz, the renowned Tanzanian musician, opened up about his family and relationships with his children and their mothers.

During the interview, the talented artist provided reasons why his youngest son, Naseeb Junior, holds a special place in his heart.

Diamond Platnumz, who has gained international fame for his music, has always been open about his personal life, particularly when it comes to his children.

When asked about his children, he revealed that they all live with their respective mothers, but he emphasized that he makes an effort to spend quality time with them whenever his busy schedule permits.

One journalist seized the opportunity to inquire if Diamond Platnumz favored Naseeb Junior over his other children.

In response, the artist maintained that he treats all of his children with equal love and affection. However, he acknowledged that he spends more time with Naseeb Junior because he is the youngest among his offspring.

Further probing his relationships with the mothers of his children, the interview took a turn when the conversation shifted to Zari Hassan’s boyfriend, Shakib Lutaaya.

Zari Hassan Diamond Platnumz and Shakib LutaayaDiamond Platnumz revealed that he maintains a positive and amicable relationship with Shakib. Both Diamond and Lutaaya are evidently committed to setting an example as responsible co-parents and positive role models for their children, despite any past differences.

The interview also revealed how Diamond Platnumz manages to maintain harmonious relationships with his children’s mothers, Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna.

The artist stressed the importance of dedicating time to his children, even when his schedule is packed with professional commitments.

He emphasized that his love for all his children is equal, and he is dedicated to spending quality time with each of them whenever his busy career allows.


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