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Kinuthia Kelvin Finally Replies To Fans Who Complain About His Gender

“Sijawai elewa venye mwanaume atad*nywa matako help me understand!” A netizen told Kinuthia Kelvin.

In the world of social media, self-expression comes in various forms, and Kinuthia, a cross dresser and content creator, is no stranger to both admiration and criticism. Recently, he decided to address his critics who question his gender identity and choices, highlighting the importance of self-acceptance and individuality.

With a growing online presence and a strong following, Kinuthia has gained recognition for his bold and unapologetic approach to self-expression. However, this journey has not been without its share of skeptics and critics who question why a man, like him, chooses to identify as a lady and embraces a style, mannerisms, and behaviors typically associated with the female gender.

For Kinuthia Kelvin, the choice to cross-dress and express himself as a woman is a deeply personal one.

In response to the critics, he made a compelling argument during a recent online interaction, reminding everyone that his gender identity is a part of his self-expression and should be respected as such.

Kinuthia kelvinHe also pointed out a critical aspect that often gets overlooked: the opinions of these critics do not pay his bills.

The online world can be a platform for self-discovery, acceptance, and self-expression, and people like Kinuthia Kelvin play a vital role in expanding the boundaries of what is considered “normal.”

The freedom to express oneself authentically is a fundamental right that should be celebrated and respected.

In a world that is becoming increasingly diverse and inclusive, embracing individuality, regardless of gender, should be a shared value.


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