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Akothee Reveals Why She Ended Marriage With Omosh Months After Wedding

“I walked out of that relationship with Omosh back in June!” Akothee says.

Akothee has unveiled the reasons behind her decision to end her marriage with Denis Schweizer, popularly known as ‘Omosh,’ just two months after their extravagant wedding. In a live session, Akothee addressed her relationship status, shedding light on her choice to bring the marriage to a close.

The artist made it clear that her marriage was no longer a part of her life. Despite the separation, she expressed that she had genuinely enjoyed her wedding and held no regrets about the experience.

Akothee strategically scheduled her wedding to coincide with her birthday, ensuring that, regardless of the outcome, she would celebrate it in grand style.

“I believe most of you have moved on from my relationship life, just like I have moved on from it. It does not exist anymore. I really did enjoy my marriage, my wedding. I don’t regret anything. And as a matter of fact, I had my wedding on my birthday so just in case things went otherwise, I celebrated my birthday in a big way,” she shared.

Akothee‘s decision to end the marriage stemmed from her belief that it was no longer a functional relationship.

Known for her honesty, she elaborated that she has a tendency to walk out of relationships when they no longer serve her happiness, making decisions based on her emotions at the time.

“I walked out of that relationship back in June. We had to pack our bags out of that relationship because it was not a relationship. I’m one person who doesn’t force issues. When it is not working for me, it is not just working,” she explained.

Akothee and Mister OmoshThe mother of five disclosed that certain issues within the relationship became evident during their honeymoon.

In July, Omosh confronted her, asking if she would leave him, to which she responded that she had already made that decision.

“I normally walk out of my relationships when I’m still in the relationship. When I was on honeymoon, I found out some things that I could not keep up with. In July he asked me if I would leave him, but I told him, ‘No baby, I love you, but I already left. I will not apologize for anything if the relationship did not work. If you thought it was working, it worked for a few days,” she declared.


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