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Diamond Platnumz Mom Insists Tanasha Donna’s Child Resembles Her Son 100%

“Huyu ndie Diamond Platnumz!” Mama Dangote says as Diamond Platnumz continues to avoid Dylan, his child with Hamisa Mobetto.

In the world of celebrities, love and affection often play out in public view. Mama Dangote, Diamond Platnumz’s mother, has been showing her undeniable affection for Naseeb, the son of Tanasha Donna, and emphasizing the striking resemblance he shares with his famous father.

Mama Dangote, whose real name is Sanura Sandra Kassim, is known for her strong maternal instincts and her unreserved love for her grandchildren. Her warm relationship with Tanasha Donna’s son, Naseeb, has recently come to the forefront of public attention.

In a moment that touched the hearts of many, Mama Dangote took to social media to express her extra love for Naseeb, affectionately known as “Naseeb Junior.”

She declared that the young boy bears a remarkable resemblance to his father, Diamond Platnumz, one of the most prominent and celebrated musicians in East Africa.

In a post seen by, Mama Dangote celebrated the close bond she shares with Naseeb and stated, “Huyu ndie Diamond Platnumz!” “This one is Diamond Platnumz.”Diamond Platnumz and son Naseeb

This public declaration of love and recognition of Naseeb’s resemblance to his father created a buzz on social media.

Fans and followers of Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna were quick to react, expressing their admiration for the relationship between Mama Dangote and the little one.

Naseeb Junior, who is growing up in the spotlight, has captured the hearts of many. As he continues to grow, it’s clear that he carries not only the looks but also the potential of becoming a beloved figure, just like his famous father.

In 2021, the Bongo music sensation Diamond Platnumz delighted his fans by sharing a childhood photo of himself alongside a picture of his son, Naseeb Junior. The striking resemblance between the father and son was so uncanny that it was nearly impossible to tell the two apart he said.

Diamond has been accused of avoiding his child with model Hamisa Mobetto, Dylan. Netizens have been asking why he spends less time with him unlike his other kids, Tiffah,Nillan and Naseeb.

Recently fans have asked him to do a live public DNA to prove that Dylan is his even as Hamisa claims she is okay raising his baby alone away from public drama as reported on


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