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“Niko Single!” Shock As Mulamwah Reveals He Didn’t Marry Or Impregnate His Bestie

“Ball si yangu! Mimi nakuanga single full time!” Mulamwah now says after his baby mama Carol predicted bestie Ruth K would see dust after it appeared as if they were dating with her ex and the pregnancy news that broke afterwards.

Kenyan content creator and radio host Kendrick Mulamwah has come forward to clarify the rumors surrounding his supposed marriage after a video of an alleged traditional wedding surfaced online.

The video in question featured by showed a colorful traditional wedding ceremony that took place at Ruth’s home, leaving many speculating about his relationship status.Mulamwah and Ruth K

The video, which showcased the bride’s visible excitement as she energetically danced and warmly embraced Kendrick Mulamwah, added to the intrigue surrounding the event.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Mulamwah set the record straight, emphasizing that the event was a misunderstanding.

According to Mulamwah, he was simply visiting his best friend’s home, and the whole situation escalated beyond his expectations.

“I only went there to visit and see my bestie because she had also visited our place.I was there as a friend, but things took an unexpected turn,” he explained. “When I arrived, I was surprised to find that preparations had been made, including cooking and setting up tents. It turned into a ceremony. I wasn’t expecting it to be that elaborate, as it was my first time visiting.”

When asked whether his bestie, Ruth, was pregnant, Mulamwah refused to provide an answer.

He suggested that Ruth and her boyfriend would be the best individuals to address such inquiries, maintaining a level of privacy around the matter.

Mulamwah’s clarification sheds light on what initially appeared to be a surprise wedding.

While the traditional ceremony may have taken on the appearance of a wedding, it was, in fact, an unforeseen turn of events that was not originally planned by Mulamwah he claims.

Netizens now feel, he is just clout chasing to get attention even as they wish he settled down with his bestie Ruth K after breaking up with his baby mama Carol Sonnie.


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