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“Kiliniramba!” Jackie Matubia Tells Kenyan Women To Get Kids With Brainy Men Only

“If you decide to get kids, have children with people who have brains!” Jackie Matubia says.

Jackie Matubia recently opened up about the challenges and losses she’s faced in her life. In a YouTube video on her channel, she shared her struggles and offered a piece of advice to women about the importance of having children with brainy men.

The actress, who is a mother of two, began by acknowledging that her life had taken an unexpected turn in the past year. She disclosed that it had not gone as planned and that she had endured multiple losses while parting ways with several loved ones.

One of the most prominent changes in Jackie’s life was her separation from her fiancé, Blessing Lung’aho. Although the break-up occurred in April, it was only confirmed later in August, as she began posting cryptic messages about relationships as reported on There were also rumors of a falling out with her best friend, Milly Chebby, as they stopped hanging out and collaborating on each other’s content.

While sharing her experiences, Jackie Matubia became emotional, reflecting on how she relied on her faith during the challenging times. She spoke of how God supported her when everything seemed to be falling apart in her life.

JACKIE MATUBIAThe most notable piece of advice Jackie had to offer was about choosing suitable partners when deciding to have children. She emphasized the importance of having children with individuals who possess intelligence and reason. In her own words, she expressed her belief in this principle by saying, “If you decide to get kids, have children with people who have brains.”

“I decided to invest in myself and my kids. Zari told me she wanted to go to Dubai on her birthday, and as the mother, we caught flights for a family vacation. Also, the dad came through because it was our daughter. And I keep telling you, if you decide to get kids, have children with people who what brains. Because I am advising you guys here and kiliniramba.” Jackie reveals.

Jackie further shared the significance of investing in oneself and one’s children.


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