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Dan Sonko Explains Why He Broke Up With ‘Sultana’ Actress Ndubi After Cancer Diagnosis

Dan Sonko called off his relationship with ‘Sultana’ actress Bwire Ndubi shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer.

The Mombasa-based actor publicly announced the end of his relationship with Ndubi in a Facebook post in July 2023. 

Speaking in a recent interview with Nairobi News, Dan Sonko explained why he broke up with Ndubi shortly after her cancer diagnosis.

Recounting the discovery of Ndubi’s diagnosis with Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a rare form of breast cancer, Sonko noted that he broke up with her for her own good.

“I ended the relationship, first for Bwire and me and for the kids because we did not want a scenario where we would get so far trying to fight this thing and everyone knows where the cancer journey ends, it’s on the death bed,” Sonko said.

Dan Sonko’s wife Dru died in 2017, days after giving birth to their second-born child.

Faced with the prospect of losing a second wife, Sonko noted that he made the difficult decision to call off their relationship, prioritizing the well-being of his children and his mental health.

“Kids have a different way of understanding death. I didn’t want them to go that direction. Not like we are saying that she is dying, but just that risk factor,” he said.

“She was going through something and I was also going through something. I had some personal struggles because of her journey. For me, I was seeing death. I had questions, and I was asking God, this is number two, you want to take away from me, kwani what is going on? It affected me physically and mentally, and it was a strain,” he added.

Sonko acknowledges the challenges of being a caregiver and the toll it took on him, both physically and mentally.

“Being a caregiver is nothing easy. I gave everything I could but at the same time, I was losing myself and at the same time, she needed a strong person at that time. The only strong people who were there apart from myself who was trying, were her friends and family. My family was very supportive but the central caregiver at that point was me, but I was breaking.

“Part of that fear, I extended it to my kids and I was thinking about them. I have gone through a journey of grief and they have gone through the same and I did not want them to go through a second on,” he shared.

Dan Sonko however claimed that he and Bwire Ndubi remain in good terms despite their breakup.

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