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Pastor Kanyari’s Sister Wahu Starlet Brutally Murdered In South B Airbnb

Pastor Kanyari’s sister Wahu Starlet checked into the Airbnb with John Matara for a night of s3x only to be stabbed to death.

CCTV footage from the Airbnb in Nairobi’s South B showed Wahu Starlet and John Matara in a jovial mood as they took a lift to the floor where they had booked a room for their booty call.

However, Matara is the only one who came out of the room alive as Wahu Starlet died after being stabbed and strangled.

Police arrived at the scene to find Wahu’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood while Matara was nowhere to be found.

A check in the room showed the duo was there for a night of sex. Police found HIV test kits and used condoms.

Police wondered what could have transpired between the two who booked the Airbnb for a night of romance only for their sexpade to turn into a chilling murder.

Wahu’s lifeless body had deep cut in the thigh and marks of strangulation on the neck. Police said murder suspect Matara cut the deceased’s vein in the thigh making her bleed profusely.

Matara was arrested at Mbagathi hospital where he was undergoing treatment, he had stab wounds.

Police are seeking to establish if Matara stabbed himself to mislead investigations. He is currently being detained at Industrial Area Remand Prison as detectives seek to piece together what exactly happened at that Airbnb.

The body of Pastor Kanyari’s sister was moved to City Mortuary for autopsy.



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