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‘Sultana’ Actress Bwire Ndubi Pleads For Financial Aid For Her Cancer Treatment 

Bwire Ndubi popularly known as Dida on Sultana TV show has been battling metastatic breast cancer for two years now.

The actress on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, launched a public appeal for financial assistance for her cancer treatment.

Ndubi in his plea notified well-wishers that she needed support to seek specialized treatment abroad.

“Dear Humans, It’s my prayer your Christmas holidays are coming along just great.I come to you,seeking support to help me get further medical attention overseas that’s required to save my life 😊,” she wrote.

The actress further exuded confidence that she would win the battle against cancer.

“Isn’t it funny? How frugal life is? One minute you’re living a beautiful one and the next you’re facing demons you never thought you’d face in your entire lifetime. The beautiful thing about it is we never have to face them alone. All we have to do is let people in on the process,” she added.

Ndubi revealed she needed Ksh7 million for the cancer treatment.

“It takes a Village to do absolutely anything. Anyway before I bore you with my long post ☺️, I’m coming to the only village I know,please take a moment to stand with me on this journey of recovery by donating anything you can to help me reach the required goal of 7 million Ksh. Your support will be highly valued. God Bless you. Regards, B.❤️☺️ #bwirendubi,” Ndubi wrote.

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