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Christina Shusho Reveals Why She Ended Her Marriage And Dumped Husband

Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho has opened up about her decision to leave her marriage, explaining why she decided to walk away.

Christina Shusho and her husband John have three children together: Odesia Shusho, Hope Shusho, and George Shusho. Despite their family bond, Shusho felt a strong conviction to pursue her divine assignment.

Speaking candidly, Shusho emphasized her commitment to honesty and authenticity. She shared that her choice to leave was influenced by a dream she had, which she believed was a clear message from God guiding her towards her purpose.

“I want to speak from the bottom of my heart. I hope those who follow me will believe this is truly me. I’ve always been genuine and truthful. The truth is, this is just part of my journey. The assignment God has given me in this season requires me to move forward,” she expressed.

Despite the weight of her decision, Shusho revealed that she and her husband parted ways amicably. She approached him respectfully, seeking his understanding and support as she embarked on her path.

“I asked him to let me carry my own burden, as I’ve always done. Let me carry my load, and you continue with your service. There was no issue at all,” she shared, highlighting the mutual respect between them.

Addressing questions about their similar callings, Shusho clarified that while they were united in marriage, their individual callings were distinct. She stressed the importance of respecting each other’s unique paths and reaching agreements based on mutual understanding.

“Marriage is a part of life, but what God has placed within us are two different things. God might have given you one thing and me another. What’s important is that we understand and respect each other’s gifts and find common ground,” she explained.

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