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Shock As Controversial Bishop Johanna Rubs A Woman’s Nyonyos And Nunu In Church

“Bishop Johanna is enjoying touching nyonyos and fing3ring her nunu as he shouts Jesus?” A netizen reacts.

A recent video of Bishop Johanna circulating on social media platforms, has ignited a firestorm of controversy and concern regarding the practices within some religious institutions.

The video in question captures Bishop Johanna engaged in what appears to be a ritual purportedly aimed at casting out demons. However, the manner in which the bishop conducts this ritual has raised serious questions and prompted widespread condemnation.

In the video, Bishop Johanna can be seen caressing a woman’s body, including her chest area, while she lies flat on the ground. The bishop’s actions, which he claims are part of a spiritual practice, have drawn sharp criticism from netizens and viewers alike. Many are expressing outrage and concern over what they perceive as inappropriate and potentially harmful behavior, with some even calling for the bishop’s arrest on charges of harassment.

One concerned netizen remarked, “Watch until the end.If your wife is a very committed church member, attending morning prayers, Wednesday prayers, Friday devotion.Just know this might be what she is going through, and the lady is enjoying s3xual pleasure ar0usal.”

This sentiment reflects the growing unease among many netizens who fear that vulnerable individuals, particularly women, may be subjected to exploitation under the guise of religious rituals.

The viral spread of this video has shed light on broader issues surrounding accountability and transparency within religious beliefs. While freedom of worship is a fundamental right, it must not be used as a shield to justify actions that violate ethical standards or infringe upon individuals’ rights and dignity.


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