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CCTV Captures Last Moments Of 19-Year-Old Girl Killed In Kasarani Airbnb 

Girls are still going to Airbnbs for paid siex even after the gruesome murders of Rita Waeni, Starlet Wahu and others.

A 19-year-old lost his life on Saturday, March 2, 2024, after checking into an Airbnb in Thome estate, Kasarani area with one Lawrence Gitonga.

The teen met Lawrence at a club in the Roysambu area on Friday and they booked the Airbnb to spend the night together.

CCTV captured the last moments when the two checked into the apartment at around 3 am Saturday after a night of merry-making before the girl was found dead wearing a t-shirt only.

In the footage, Lawrence Gitonga is seen leaving the lift on the 10th floor while holding the hand of the 19-year-old girl.

This was the last time the teen was seen alive as hours later her lifeless body was found outside the apartment with only had a red T-shirt on.

Lawrence was found unconscious inside the house with eight stab wounds on the chest and back.

Blood splattered on the floor of the sitting room and bathroom walls a clear indication of either a struggle between two people or a man fighting for his life.

Lawrence was rushed to Uhai Neema Hospital and is currently under police guard at the hospital as he is treated as the main suspect.

Police said the girl could have jumped or pushed from the balcony of the 10th floor apartment they had booked.

Police are pursuing three people who were in contact with Lawrence and the girl before the incident.

Detectives are also expected to visit the club in Roysambu where Lawrence and the girl met on Friday night before they drove to Thome for a night of fun that turned tragic.

The body of the 19-year-old girl is lying at City Mortuary as police look for family to notify them before a post-mortem date is set.

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