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Andrew Kibe Opens Up On R@pe Accusations And Being A Pastor

“I’ve never been a pastor!” Andrew Kibe reveals in an interview with Mungai Eve.

Controversial media personality Andrew Kibe addressed various allegations made against him, clarifying misconceptions about his past. Contrary to rumors circulating online, Kibe affirmed that he has never been a pastor, dispelling speculations about his religious background.

According to Kibe, accusations leveled against him by individuals such as KRG, Jalang’o, Terence Creative, and others are baseless and fueled by malicious intent.

He emphasized that all allegations against him are lies, asserting his innocence amidst the swirling rumors.

Regarding claims that he fled Kenya due to a defilement case, Kibe vehemently denied such allegations, revealing that he left for the US while facing financial difficulties.

He clarified that he did not inform anyone of his departure, leading to misunderstandings and unfounded assumptions about his motives.

Addressing his involvement in religious matters, Kibe recounted an incident where he intervened during a funeral when a drunk pastor friend needed assistance. However, he emphasized that he does not identify as a pastor and holds skeptical views towards religion.

“At the beginning, I was very annoyed by religion because I could see the lies, but now I respect what people say anyway,” Kibe says.

Kibe expressed his skepticism towards certain narratives presented in the Bible, citing inconsistencies and illogical aspects. While he respects individuals’ beliefs, he maintains a critical stance towards religious teachings that he finds dubious.


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