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Socialite Sherylne Anyango Quits Online Hookups After Series Of Murders 


“I’m going to school so that I earn money the right way,” Sherylne Anyango publicly announced.

The curvy socialite indicated she is turning over a new leaf after a randy fan approached her about launching her OnlyFans accounts.

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service where fans pay to access premium content mostly sex videos.

“I’m still waiting for your onlyfan. The 1sr paid one I’ll actually sub. When are you making it happen,” a fan asked Sherylne Anyango.

In a quick rejoinder, Sherylne clarified that she would not be joinging OnlyFans insisting she has better things to do with her life now.

The socialite added that she was going back to school so that she could earn money the right way.

“Not every girl with a beautiful body has to do OF. I’m off to better things. Would you want your daughter to do it? I’m going to school so that I earn money the right way,” she said.


Sherylne Anyango grew cold feet about OnlyFans and online hookups after a series of macabre murders.

Socialite Starlet Wahu and 20-year-old JKUAT student Rita Waeni were brutally murdered in Airbnbs by the men they met for hookups.

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