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Huddah Monroe Doesn’t Want To Taste Marriage Again After Going Through Hell In Her First Marriage

Huddah’s first marriage was chaotic as her drug-addict husband made life difficult for her.

The petite socialite in June 2022 narrated how she got married at the age of 19 and that her marriage lasted for four years.

Monroe further divulged that she divorced her then-husband because he was a drug addict.

“I was married for 4 years at 19, we didn’t have a child and I divorced. Coz the man was a drug addict! I wasn’t famous so I didn’t need to advertise it. So I speak from experience. Not mocking y’all. That’s my biggest secret,” Huddah wrote.

The socialite recently revealed that she does not desire to get married again citing marital problems as the push factor.

According to Huddah, marriage life is not an easy thing to do and that is why she is still taking her good time.

The 31-year-old Huddah Cosmetics CEO however made it clear that she will keep it a secret even if she decides to get married someday, and netizens will never know.

“Umeshawahi kujiuliza it’s not everyone’s dream. Marriage is not a walk in the park. It’s harder than you think. And even if I was married you wouldn’t ever know sadly. That will forever be private” Huddah Monroe said.

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