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Carol Sonnie Reveals Why She Visited A VCT After Break Up With Mulamwah

“Kuna mtu aliniuliza kwani uko na ukimwi?” Mulamwah’s baby mama, Carol Sonnie says.

Caroline Muthoni Ngethe, popularly known as Carol Sonnie, has opened up about her struggles with depression, which led to changes in her body after parting ways with comedian David Oyando, aka Mulamwah.

The actress admitted to suffering psychologically to the extent that she had to seek professional help. According to the single mother, whenever she looked in the mirror, she saw nothing wrong with her appearance until some fans began raising questions and gossiping.

“At that time, I was thin, and someone asked me, ‘Sonnie, do you have HIV?’ I was thin. To tell the truth, I was asked that question until I decided to go for testing even though I knew very well I didn’t have the virus,” Sonnie disclosed.

However, she expressed gratitude to her psychologist, revealing that they helped her cope with the stress.

“I think I went to the best professional in the world. They helped me a lot to understand myself. I don’t think anything can set me back to where I was. During that time, I used to eat a lot but didn’t gain weight,” the actress revealed.

Earlier this week, she announced her return to YouTube with the goal of generating income.

Two years ago, she admitted that incidents of not breastfeeding her child and overeating were symptoms of depression.

At that time, Carol Sonnie confessed to relying heavily on Mulamwah in the journey of raising their daughter, something that is different now.


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