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“I’ll Miss You Chemuuu!” Stephen Letoo Emotional As Chemutai Goin Quits Citizen TV

“Who will I match clothes with again? I will miss you Chemuuu!” Stephen Letoo tells Chemutai Goin.

Stephen Letoo, a charismatic social media influencer and esteemed TV journalist, found himself filled with emotions as news broke that his close friend and colleague, Chemutai Goin, was bidding farewell to Citizen TV.

Letoo, took to his Facebook page to express his heartfelt sentiments.

In a post accompanied by a radiant photo of himself alongside Chemutai, Letoo penned words that resonated with sincerity and nostalgia. “Who will match clothes with again,” he asked, revealing the rapport they shared. Their bond, forged through years of friendship and professional collaboration, is evident.

The announcement of Chemutai’s departure from Citizen TV has resulted to conversations not only within the corridors of the media industry but also across social media platforms, where fans and colleagues alike expressed their fondness and well wishes.

Chemutai’s infectious dedication and personality had endeared her to audiences, making her a beloved figure in the realm of journalism.

Reflecting on her time at Citizen TV, Chemutai shared sentiments of nostalgia and gratitude, reminiscing about her journey from intern to seasoned professional. Joining familiar faces who had mentored and guided her along the way, Chemutai spoke of returning home, a testament to the familial atmosphere and supportive environment fostered within the network.

Amidst rumors of her new role at the National Assembly of Kenya, Chemutai’s departure marks the end of an era at Citizen TV, but yet signals the beginning of an exciting chapter in her career.


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