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Businesswoman Yvonne Mugure Sues Edgar Obare For Claiming She Is Broke

Yvonne Mugure, a niece to former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu,Ā is crying foul claiming Edgar Obare published defamatory content about her online.

Mugure and her business partner Christine Nyambura Muturi filed a lawsuit against Obare at the Milimani Law Courts on January 29, 2024.

The duo sought an urgent injunction to stop Obare from further publishing defamatory content online.

In response to the demands, Obare said he will comply and will refrain from making any more comments. The case will be heard on February 19, 2024.

The legal action stems from Obare’s online accusations made on January 27, where he labelled Mugure’s ‘Billionaire’ mentor, Christine, as a convicted investor fraudster who had relocated to Kenya.

“Meet Yvonne Mugureā€™s ‘Billionaire’ mentor Christine Lewis, who is a convicted investor fraudster, who relocated to Kenya. She has been sanitizing her image ever since and opening businesses in Kenya,” Obare’s post on X read.

Obare also claimed that Christine filed for bankruptcy before she sought safe haven in Kenya.

Lawyer Mwenda Njagi, who is representing the two ladies, refuted the allegations of bankruptcy during a press conference, clarifying that the accusations were baseless.

“First and foremost, the accusation itself is flawed. Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code is a provision primarily designed for corporate reorganization. It does not apply to an individual, and the proprietor of Westwick college definitely did not file in her personal capacity and has never filed bankruptcy,” Njagi explained,

Njagi further emphasized that Chapter 11 is a tool for businesses to restructure their debts and continue operations, contradicting the personal bankruptcy claims circulating in the media.

He highlighted Christine Lewis’s achievements in the business world, citing her entrepreneurial journey from an early age and her success in various ventures, including pharmaceutical companies and hospice agencies across the United States.



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